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What Are the Duties of a Stockroom Clerk?

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Stockroom clerks are typically found in warehouse or manufacturing settings. Their primary role is to maintain inventory and distribute and ship items. Thus, stockroom clerks must be on their feet and have a general aptitude for counting and inventory management. Frequent bending, stooping and lifting heavy items is required for this job.

Stocking and Organizing Inventory on Shelving

Stockroom clerks must be proficient at stocking boxes and other items on properly labeled shelves. Frequent bending, stooping and heaving lifting is required; thus the employer may require a medical exam before hiring the stockroom clerk. The key to organizing inventory on shelving is to group similar items and ensure proper labeling for super-efficient location of frequently requested products. Emerging technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) can greatly enhance stockroom organization and location of each and every inventory item. RFID instantly locates any item in the building tagged with an RFID chip (or printed RFID label) and reduces loss and time spent looking for missing inventory.

Fulfilling Sales Orders

Stockroom clerks are responsible for picking, packing and sending packages requested by clients. For example, a sales order is placed by a client and the package must be prepared and sent off for delivery to the client's address.

Delivering Packages to Employees

Stockroom clerks not only deal with outside vendors in fulfilling sales orders, they also deliver packages to employees within their own company. For example, an employee orders a whiteboard, the stockroom clerk receives it, and then sends it on to the employee.

Assembling and Supporting Parts

A different role for a stockroom clerk is the assembly of products and kits for manufacturing. The employee must follow precise manufacturing specifications, then pull and assemble necessary items from stock. Likewise, the stockroom clerk is responsible for stocking incoming materials in designated areas.? As with all stockroom clerks, the employee whose primary duty is to assemble and support parts must be comfortable with numbers and counting to ensure the inventory is accurate.


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