Logistics Clerk Job Description

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A logistics clerk spends most of the day preparing paperwork for shipments. Whether orders are for domestic or international shipping, the paperwork can be complicated, depending on the product and destination. The clerk also helps coordinate the transportation of the finished products to the customers. The clerk interacts with inside sales and territorial sales personnel. A logistics clerk reports to the logistics manager. Hourly wages for logistics clerks range from $15.00 to $22.00 per hour.

A Wide Variety of Communication Partners

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Much of a logistics clerk's time each day is spent communicating with others. The position requires excellent skills in both oral and written communication with domestic and international partners, customers, fellow employees and customs officials.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

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Printing daily sales orders, completion of dangerous goods documentation for orders, data entry and updates to domestic shipping manifests are among the tasks performed by the logistics clerk. If the company ships internationally, the clerk must prepare certificates of origin, bills of lading, NAFTA certificates of origin and shipper export declaration. The logistics clerk also communicates with freight forwarders, third-party warehousing and transportation companies.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

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The logistics clerk assists the logistics manager and shipping supervisor with daily shipping activities such as separating orders, folding packing slips, preparing boxes for shipping and packing orders. The logistics clerk may also help the materials group move products from one warehouse to another.

Minimum Qualifications

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The position requires at least five years of experience in a logistics office with exposure to all domestic and international paperwork. It also requires at least one year of experience performing clerical duties and data entry in a professional office setting.

Skills and Abilities

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A logistics clerk must be capable of working unsupervised in a fast-paced environment; must be detail-oriented, well-organized and able to multi-task. Ability to work as a team player is essential.