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Job Description for a Shipping Clerk

A shipping clerk is most commonly found in warehouses and manufacturing companies. The shipping clerk maintains all the shipping records and keeps files and papers organized. Organization and working in a timely manner are important characteristics for this position.

Maintains Records

Shipment records are extremely important. Incorrect information or lost paperwork can cause delayed shipments. The shipping clerk maintains all the paperwork and records of each shipment sent. These records are then filed and kept for future reference.

Prepares Shipments

The shipping clerk prepares the packages that are going to be shipped out. The shipping information is double checked and then printed off on labels. The clerk then will either package the items or deliver the labels to the shipping department.


Inspections are done any time a shipment is going out. The shipping clerk inspects each package for correct items, broken items, missing items, and records any problems with the package.

Takes Inventory

Shipping clerks take inventory of the stockrooms as shipments go out. This needs to be done often so that when an item is shipped, the company knows that it has it on hand. The inventory records are kept updated by the clerk.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics say that as of May 2008, the annual salary for a shipping clerk was $27,660, although salary often depends on experience and location of the company.


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