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Job Description of a Stock Handler

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Stock handler is a typical position in a business environment where inventory is shipped, received or stored for later use. Warehouses and resale facilities rely on stock handlers to manage inflow, outflow and movement of inventory. For incoming stock, handlers unload trucks or pallets, place inventory on shelves and label it. For inventory shipment pulls, handlers gather items, package them and load them on trucks.

Additional Stock Handler Duties

In a warehouse, a handler also plays a role in keeping a clean environment and organizing inventory for efficient movement. In a high-volume resale store, the handler places items in storage and pulls inventory to replenish shelves.

Background Requirements

You don't usually need a formal education for a handler role. You need good physical strength and endurance, organizational skills, detail-orientation and excellent communication abilities. On-the-job training is standard, especially if you need to use equipment to move inventory. The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted annual average pay of $24,940 for stock clerks as of May 2013.


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