Shipping Assistant Job Description

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A shipping assistant is responsible for handling shipping documentation that deals with imports and exports. He works closely with the workers in the warehouse as well as the customer service personnel. He also interacts with customers by handling their inquiries and attending to their specified needs. A shipping assistant performs various administrative duties.


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The minimum academic qualification for a shipping assistant is a high school diploma. The shipping assistant also must have with sufficient knowledge of a range of Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel. Individuals who have a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in international shipping and courier systems have a greater advantage. Since this is a hands-on job, new employees go through on-the-job training.

Responsibilities and Duties

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A shipping assistant provides assistance in shipping and the handling of import and export documentation. She assists in the preparation of invoices and lists of items. She works with carriers and other shipping personnel. She also liaises with the sales team. She files export orders and maintains documentation related to shipping activities. She ships domestic carriers and receives equipment on behalf of the organization. She also provides customer service and serves in an administrative capacity. The shipping assistant monitors the status of the shipment, coordinates suppliers, agents and customers

Desirable Qualities

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A shipping assistant should have good communication skills, both oral and written. He should be self-motivated, a team player and proactive in terms of taking the initiative to perform tasks as required. He should be trustworthy, reliable, time conscious and keen on details. He should be decisive and committed to serving customers. He should also adapt well to different environments because the position requires interaction with different kinds of people. A shipping assistant needs to be detail oriented and accurate in the provision of information and international shipping systems. He should have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines.

Working Conditions

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A shipping assistant should be flexible and ready to work overtime and at times over the weekend. She should be prepared to perform repetitive tasks. She also needs to have the ability to lift boxes of a stipulated weight and have the ability to operate trucks and freight elevators.


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According to Degree Finders, shipping assistants make $25,915 to 36,233 per year as of July 2010. This depends on the company, level of experience and location the shipping assistant is working in.