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Job Description of a Logistic Coordinator

According to, logistics is a term that refers to acquiring goods or raw material and distributing the finished products to customers. A logistics coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the logistics process for a company.


Logistics coordinators oversee the unloading of supplies in a warehouse or loading dock. The coordinator is also responsible for supervising the packing of purchased products into tractor trailers and ensuring prompt delivery of merchandise to customer locations.


Logistics coordinators must communicate with warehouse or loading dock workers and truck drivers as well as with other departments in a company, such as customer service, purchasing and sales.


Employers prefer candidates to hold a four-year bachelor degree in business, though many will consider candidates with two-year associate degrees, especially if they have previous experience with logistics.


In order to be successful, logistic coordinators must be strong written and verbal communicators and able to meet deadlines for shipping. It is also necessary for coordinators to be organized, comfortable with mathematics and familiar with local geography.


According to an October 2009 report on, entry-level logistics coordinators earn an average of between $30,262 and $39,401. Coordinators with 20 years of experience or more average between $43,588 and $68,060.


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