How to Become an Office Administrator

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How to Become an Office Administrator. Office administrators play a vital role in the successful running of medium to large-sized companies and firms in a variety of industries. Office administrators are the hubs of every organization. As such, they must have the ability to adapt quickly to different tasks like staffing, database management, word processing, creating and maintaining spreadsheets, medical and insurance billing, record keeping, accounting and assisting clients or patients. Since office administrators work closely with others, anyone wanting to become an office administrator should make sure that they enjoy working with people and can be team players.

Become an Office Administrator

Study a variety of subjects in high school. Become skilled at keyboarding and word processing, learn a variety of software programs, take a bookkeeping class and become adept at basic math and an expert with English grammar. Sign up for a communications class because office administrators do a lot of communicating.

Seek out some internships or apprenticeship opportunities that involve working as an office administrator. Some high schools and community colleges give academic credit for these programs and you will get on-the-job-training and a better idea of the type of job you would eventually like to apply for. You can also expect to get some good letters of recommendation.

Earn a certificate or an associate's degree in a business related major. Not only will you learn vital career skills, but you will also have something to show an employer that proves you have the ability to perform the functions of the job you are applying for. This is especially important for someone without much or no prior work experience.

Focus on companies involved in activities that you enjoy. Accepting a position in a medical office when being around sick people makes your stomach queasy will ensure that you will not become a successful office administrator. Consider your hobbies and things that you enjoy doing and look for a job in those fields.

Sit down and make a list of companies you think you might enjoy working for and where you think your skills and interests would be appreciated. Prepare and send out a resume to each one. Consider packing up and moving to a new city.


When you are applying for a job as an office administrator, take into account the office wardrobe you will be required to wear. If you are into casual attire, don't take a job in a law firm--consider a record producing company instead. The arts and entertainment industry is usually more relaxed when it comes to a dress code.

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