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An Example of a Resume for an Insurance Agent

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Insurance companies are looking to hire insurance agents who are thick-skinned go-getters. A good insurance agent is tenacious enough to pursue a sale and quickly bounce back from rejections. Although experience is not always required to get the job, it helps if you have experience in the insurance industry. Many insurance agencies offer in-house training to new agents who possess the right skill set and credentials. Show off your skills and credentials with a professional resume.

Special Skills

Add a “special skills” section near the top of your resume. List some of the skills you possess that are relevant to an insurance agent, such as cold-calling, lead generation, up-selling, closing sales, claims handling, underwriting, risk-analysis, knowledge of insurance products and best practices. Mention the various insurance lines you specialize in. Perhaps you may specialize in life, accident and health, automobile, commercial or property and casualty insurance.

Professional Experience

Include a “professional experience” section to list your employment history. Mention the employer's name, your exact job title and dates of employment. If you have held jobs in the insurance industry, list those jobs first, in chronological order. Underneath each job, list your specific duties and responsibilities.

Education and Credentials

Include an “education and credentials” section. When listing education, list the name of school you attended, degree earned and graduation date. List special insurance training courses you have taken. To work as an insurance agent, you must be properly licensed by the state. Instead of leaving potential employers wondering, mention which insurance credentials you possess. Mention the license type, expiration date and the state responsible for issuing the license. If you are licensed to sell more than one line of insurance, list all lines you are licensed to sell.

Honors and Achievements

If you have received any honors or achievements in the insurance industry, list them in an “honors & achievements” section. If you were recognized as a top sales agent, list that information in this section. For instance, if you are responsible for increasing a company's quarterly or annual accident and health policy revenue, mention the increased revenue percentage here. State whether you are a member of any special organizations, such as the National Association of Professional Agents or the National Association of Health Underwriters.