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How to Create Sample Resumes

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A resume is a professional document that gives an overview of a potential employee's work experience, education, personal skills, certifications and strengths. Job candidates should take great care when creating resumes, as a resume is the first thing an employer sees when considering you. When you are applying to many jobs at one time, you may wish to have several sample resumes so you can provide the most appropriate resumes to specific employers. Your various sample resumes might be used if you are applying to jobs that require different skill sets. Typically, most job candidates will not need more than a few different sample resumes.

Contact Information

A sample resume should provide all essential contact information related to the potential candidate. For example, all resumes should contain, at the very least, a telephone number, an address and an email address. Depending on the nature of the position or the nature of the candidate, a resume might also include a fax number, alternative email addresses, instant messaging contact information, a Skype username or alternative phone numbers.

Work Experience

All sample resumes must include a listing of the employee's previous work experience, including the name of her employer, the amount of time she worked with the employer, her past job description and a listing of her job duties. Depending on the type of position you are applying for, you may wish to omit or add some of your previous work opportunities. For example, experience selling cars many years in the past might be relevant when applying for a high-level sales position, but you may omit this past position if you are applying to be a computer programmer.

Educational Experience

Your resume must include your educational background, including where you went to college, any degrees you hold, where you went to graduate school, your GPA for the various institutions you've attended and your years of attendance. If you are applying for a position within an educational institution, you may wish to also list your core study areas and some of the classes you attended. You may also wish to include your high school information, depending on your circumstances. For example, if you are applying for your first job out of high school, or if you are applying for a job within your previous school district, you may wish to list your high school information.

Other Information

When creating sample resumes, you may wish to add various pieces of information, depending on the position. For example, for highly technical positions, you should add a listing of all certifications or skills you possess. If you are applying for a volunteer or nonprofit position, you might consider adding information related to your interests or any volunteer opportunities you've pursued in the past.