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Connecticut Notary Renewal Process

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Being a Connecticut notary public is a great way to earn a little pocket change. Once you've become a notary, your appointment lasts for five years. Renewal applications are sent by mail prior to the expiration of your appointment. The application must be returned in advance of the expiration date to prevent a gap in the validity of your notary public appointment. Missing the expiration deadline will result in having to retake the original written test.

Complete the Renewal Application

Fill out the Connecticut public notary form, which you will have received in the mail from the secretary of state's office three months prior to the expiration of your appointment. Ensure that all information is correct prior to taking the oath of office.

Take the Oath of Office

Take an oath of office in front of any public official capable of administering an oath, such as a current notary public other than yourself. The oath form is found on the renewal application. Have the official sign in the appropriate panel on the renewal form when done. Contact the secretary of state’s office to locate a public official, if necessary.

Mail the Renewal

Mail the completed application and oath to the secretary of state’s office with a check or money order for $60 -- as of 2011. Make the payment to the Connecticut Secretary of State.

File the Oath and Certificate of Appointment

File the notary certificate and certified oath with the local town clerk. This filing must be done within 30 days of receiving the certificate of appointment.