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How to Become a General Contractor in Texas

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General contractors oversee all of the aspects of a construction undertaking, from managing workers on the site to overseeing the final elements of the project. Many states require that a general contractor receive licensing. That is not the case in the state of Texas, according to Contractor Licensing. Becoming a general contractor in Texas involves receiving the proper education, on the job experience and achieving a client base.

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Receive a form of education dealing with the construction trade. Some general contractors will receive a Bachelor's degree in either civil engineering, construction technology or construction management through a local accredited university or college. Others will choose to take courses at a trade school or technical college in this field. Receiving formal education is not a requirement to become a general contractor in Texas, but according to State University, an education may provide a potential general contractor will skills that may provide a leg up in the future.

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Gain on-the-job experience. This experience should be in all facets of the general contracting trade, such as masonry, carpentry and how to manage employees. On average this training can take anywhere from one to five years. This experience can be used instead of a formal education to learn about general contracting as well.

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Develop business relationships. This is generally accomplished on the job with another construction firm. These relationships with architects, subcontractors and business owners may lead to future employment when the general contractor begins to work independently.

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Formulate a business plan. This plan should detail your plans for the future and may be required to gain financing, if necessary, in the future. The business name must be registered in the state of Texas if any other name is used for the business other than the owner's name. If the owner's name is used, the business does not require registration.

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Locate the proper insurance. Because of the nature of the work, general contractors must obtain workman's compensation, vehicle and liability insurance. An insurance agent in your area can be contacted for price quotes and specific insurance that is required to become a reputable general contractor.

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Gain financing. This can be accomplished through a local bank or a private loan through a friend, family member or co-worker. The general contractor may also have savings that can be used towards beginning this business venture.

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Look for potential clients. This can be accomplished through any contacts that were obtained while gaining experience under a different general contractor or you can advertise through a local newspaper, television station or on the Internet.


Formulate a business plan on Internet web sites that offer templates, which may be free or can be purchased.

  • Formulate a business plan on Internet web sites that offer templates, which may be free or can be purchased.

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