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Careers for People Who Like to Work Alone

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Some people are more productive working alone than working with or around others. Working near other people can be distracting to your own tasks and projects. You also might not interact well with people, or are the kind of person that prefers to do everything rather than share the workload. There are a handful of careers that are ideal for people who like to work alone.


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Writers, especially freelance or independent writers, work alone throughout most, if not all, of the work year. Freelance writers work as much or as little as they want, whenever they want. You can work from anywhere: your house, a private office, a coffee shop, the beach or anywhere else you have access to a laptop or even a pen and paper. Writers do not just write novels and stories; there are many jobs for an aspiring writer. Copywriters write marketing content and text for websites, posters and advertisements. Technical writers write instruction manuals or tutorials for various products. Companies might hire writers to write press releases or company communications, both internal and external. As a writer, you occasionally have to work with an editor or someone else to give you direction, but the majority of your workday is spent alone.

Shop Owner or Manager

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If you own a small shop, you likely work alone. Similarly, if you work in a small retail shop, you probably work alone at the shop, except during the busiest times of the year. Small retail shops that have just one employee working most of the time can be anything from clothing boutiques to toy stores, bakeries, antique stores and small liquor stores. If you have the motivation and the funding to start your own small retail business, find a good location, set your hours and spend your days building your business and working alone in your store. Or look for small retail businesses that are hiring and apply for a job. After your training is over, you will start working shifts on your own.

Home Business

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Start your own business from home. Entrepreneurs typically set their own hours and work location. Different home business ideas include creating and selling clothes or crafts, consulting in a particular field or developing software. All you need is a quiet workplace and a computer with an Internet connection to interact with clients or customers. If possible, use a laptop so you can work on the go from anywhere you can get online. This is especially helpful if you live with other people; the house will not always be quiet, and you may need to go somewhere else to work alone.

Graphic Designer

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Graphic designers, especially freelance graphic designers, often work alone. Typical projects for graphic designers include website design, online or print advertisement design or designing general marketing materials. Some graphic designers work full time for a company, which likely requires you to work more with other people in your day-to-day work life, but contractors and freelancers can work anywhere at any time, so you can always find a spot to work alone. Like writers, graphic designers usually have to submit their work for review or consultation with a creative director or manager, but for the most part, the work is solitary.