How to Become an Authorized Boost Distributor

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Boost is a mobile phone brand that offers name-brand cell phones with inexpensive pre-paid plans. A division of Sprint, Boost runs on the Sprint network, offering cell service to cities that are covered by Sprint. Boost sells its phones and operates its services via authorized Boost distributors. Becoming an authorized Boost distributor and becoming a part of its network potentially increases the scope of your existing cellular business. Becoming a distributor does have specific requirements.

Contact Boost Mobile. Its contact information is widely available online and also via the link in the resources section of this article. The Boost Mobile site funnels all requests through its customer service desk so address your initial query there. Expect to be contacted by a member of the Boost Mobile distributor program with more detailed information on how to apply.

Submit a formal letter of interest in becoming an authorized Boost distributor. In the letter, be sure to mention the specifics of your business. Boost requires wireless dealers to have three to five years of experience.

Complete and return the formal application that Boost provides to you. This application requires you to disclose, among other things, the location of your business site as well as documentation indicating that your business is profitable. You need to demonstrate significant cash reserves for purchases of phones and other supplies.

Follow up with the Boost representative you spoke with earlier to confirm receipt of your application and to determine current processing times for applications. Expect the process to take several weeks. Once you have been approved, review and sign the contract and follow their instructions to set up the Boost materials in your store.


Be aware that Boost may require both a cash reserve for purchases as well as a separate cash reserve to demonstrate financial stability.