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How to Become an Authorized T-Mobile Dealer

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Becoming an authorized T-Mobile dealer allows entrepreneurs to sell T-Mobile products in more than one location. If you have a desire to be a part of the cellular world, offer the services of T-mobile to the general public, and do not mind following a number of rule and regulations as set forth by T-Mobile, become an authorized T-Mobile dealer in your local area. Living in our current economic environment is challenging, but being a part of the cellular industry is one way to meet the needs of a group of cell phone buyers who are constantly craving quality cell phone products and services, and are loyal to T-Mobile.

Perform you due diligence. Go to the website established by T-Mobile which offers information regarding becoming an authorized T-Mobile dealer located at Look at all of the specific program details and determine if this is the type of business you choose to start as an aspiring business owner. Search for reviews online from neutral parties regarding the T-Mobile Authorized dealer business opportunity so you will be able to accumulate additional evidence on which to base your decision.

Complete the required dealer application via the Internet. Type the needed information to finish your dealer application online by going directly to the website at Be sure to have all of the necessary information ready in advance including your e-mail address, and relevant data pertaining to your business. Expect to be contacted by T-Mobile after you have submitted your information online.

Be prepared for the call from T-Mobile. Know in advance you will be asked about your plans for the T-Mobile dealership. T-Mobile will let you know you must have a storefront which they determine is "Respectable" in their opinion. The definition of respectable is determined solely by T-Mobile, and is based upon having an atmosphere which is conducive to selling. Displays for your T-Mobile authorized dealership must also comply with certain regulations such as being wholesome in nature and not overly provocative, contain ads and materials made by T-Mobile including the T-Mobile logo, and all times your dealership is open must be posted in plain sight.


• Seek advice from an attorney before you begin a business of any kind to ensure you are aware of all of your rights.


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