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How to Assign Work to Employees

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It can be difficult assigning work to others. You may feel like you know how to do things better, or you may think in order to get things done right and on time, you need to do them yourself. Part of being a good leader is learning how to delegate authority. Assigning work to employees helps free you up to do other things, and it actually can increase efficiency and productivity in the long run.

Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done. Categorize the items in order of importance. Establish a time frame in which the tasks need to be done.

Consider the experience, skills and capabilities of each employee. Ask your employees questions pertaining to their experience if you are unsure.

Match an individual to each job task. Provide each employee with all of the information on the task including when you expect the job to be completed, how you want the job delivered and any feedback you require. Let each person know when you want an update on the status of the job.

Establish a method of communication between you and each employee. Let everyone know if you prefer to receive updates by email or phone conversation. Make sure everyone knows the proper procedures.

Ask if there are any questions pertaining to the assignment. Clear up any confusion and clarify any instructions.

Step back and give your employees the freedom to work and get the tasks done.