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Job Description of an Operations Consultant

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An operations consultant works in a compliance-based position that assesses strategies and procedures of a company to enhance organizational performance. The operations consultant provides information and enforces guidelines for optimizing business productivity.


An operations consultant is concerned with the workflow of a business, primarily the division of labor throughout an organizational structure. The consultant is ultimately tasked with reporting how workflow and structure affect customer service. An operations consultant must have good written and oral communication skills.

Job Features and Functions

The operations consultant offers advice on improving upon established company standards and procedures. This includes recommending new and advanced ways to improve company productivity. Recommendations can include consolidating certain departments within the organizational structure.

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Brought to you by Sapling

Work Environment

The consultant typically works in an administrative branch of his company and reports to a senior compliance officer. The consultant can work in conjunction with auditors or other compliance personnel.

Education and Salary

Employers typically hire operations consultants with a background in business management and with a bachelor's degree in business administration, business management or administration. The average annual income for an operations consultant with less than a year of experience is between $47,166 and $61,144, according to the Payscale website.

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