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Operations Administrator Job Description

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Operations administrators plan and direct the operations of various organizations, including businesses, government entities and philanthropic institutions. They formulate policies, monitor daily operations and plan the use of human resources and materials.


An operations administrator supports corporate activities in accounting, marketing or financial reporting processes, depending on business needs. The administrator also coordinates the work and activities of staff, monitors and controls resources and communicates with superiors, peers or subordinates, according to O*Net OnLine.

Qualitative Abilities, Tools and Technologies

According to O*Net OnLine, an operations administrator must possess good communication skills along with the ability to lead multiple teams across various business units. The administrator might use accounting software or enterprise resource planning software, such as SAP or Deacom ERP.

Degree Requirements and Compensation

Employers require that job candidates have a bachelor’s degree in business management to qualify for operations administrator positions. Applicants with an associate's degree might qualify if they have significant practical experience. shows that operations administrators earned average annual wages of $69,000 as of 2010.


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