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How to Apply for a Job at Payless Shoe Store

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Before the Internet, applying for a job at your neighborhood Payless shoe store involved a personal visit to fill out out a paper application. In modern times, Payless ShoeSource and other national companies forgo paper applications and require you to apply online. The electronic application process is straightforward, but understanding how online corporate recruiting works will provide insight into what you can expect when pursuing a career with Payless ShoeSource.

Centralized Recruiting Overview

Large companies like Payless perform recruiting and other administrative tasks from a central corporate location. Centralization promotes consistency and standardization of company-wide processes, allowing store management to focus on operations. When hiring needs arise, store managers place a job order with the central recruiter responsible for the area who will source, screen and present qualified applicants to the manager for hiring consideration. Although specific details of any company's recruiting process are proprietary, all corporations use similar concepts and must comply with state and federal employment law.

Create Your Payless Online Profile

Visit and navigate menu items to familiarize yourself with the company. Position your mouse cursor over retail careers or corporate careers and click openings from the side menu that appears. The current openings page will open, letting you click your geographic area and open the realistic job previews that lists job title categories. Click a category of interest to view a brief company video; then click the apply now button to enter the careers page. You may log in if you have previously created a profile, register for the first time by clicking register now or click displayed job openings to view details, after which you may register by clicking the apply now button.

Complete Your Payless Job Application

If you have previously registered, log in with your user name and password or click apply now on any job title to open the choose resume page. Upload a resume from your computer or click the apply without using a resume button. Either choice will bring you to the job application, where you'll answer questions and click submit when finished. Logging in to your profile later will allow updates to your profile and application.

What Happens Next

The secure application site integrates with recruiting software accessed and viewed only by recruiting personnel. New resumes and applications appear in the recruiting program to be reviewed and compared with those from other candidates. If recruiters decide you're a likely candidate, they'll call you and conduct a phone screen interview. Phone screens consist of verifying and clarifying information, explaining the job, pay, hours and benefits, and a series of preliminary interview questions. The recruiter may schedule an interview for you with a local store manager during the phone screen or may put you on a waiting list called a pipeline if a suitable position isn't available. If you're not qualified for the position, you'll likely receive the news in a follow-up letter.

Payless Application and Hiring Tips

Print a copy of your resume and application for reference during the phone screen and interview. Navigate the Payless career and online store websites and visit a store or two to become familiar with the company and culture -- list any questions, concerns and observations in a notebook. Asking questions during the phone and personal interview will label you as a well-informed candidate who cares about the job. Be sure to dress and groom in a professional manner -- your notebook should record your observations -- and arrive about five minutes before the interview. If you're applying to a particular store, introduce yourself to the manager, state your intentions and leave a copy of your resume. You'll still have to apply online, but the manager may recommend you to the recruiter. If you're not hired, continue to update your resume and profile and periodically contact the recruiter and store manager via phone or email.

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