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How to Apply for an IRS Job

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To find work with the Internal Revenue Service, you'll need to fill out an online application. As with other federal jobs, those interested in applying for open IRS positions must do so through the USAJobs website. Make sure you have an hour or two to spare, because you'll need to search for jobs, create or upload a resume, attach documents and fill out a lengthy application.

Navigate to the USAJobs website. Create a new account or sign into an existing one, and then click "My account" to access your account page. Click "Edit profile" and fill in all the requested information. This data will transfer to your application when you apply to an open IRS position.

Add a new resume to your profile by clicking "Resumes" on your account page. Upload a resume from your computer or create a new resume using the USAJobs resume creator tools.

Click "Search for jobs" at the top of your account page, and then click "Advanced search." Add in any keywords that pertain to the job you're looking for in the "Keyword search" field. Adding "Secretary," for example, will bring up the available secretary positions within the agency. If you'd like to search for all jobs, leave this field blank.

Scroll down to the "Location search" and choose your state and county, and then click the "Add" button. If you'd like to search throughout the entire United States, add the "United States" option.

Move down to the "Agency search" box. Select "Department of the Treasury" and choose "Internal Revenue Service" in the box below. Click the "Add" button. Now you have a basic search that will look for open IRS positions related to your keywords and in the region you chose. If you'd like, you can go through the list of options and further customize your search, such as choosing a work schedule and salary range. After you're done tinkering, click "Search jobs" to bring up the available positions.

Scroll through the available jobs until you find one you're interested in. Under each job title, you'll see a brief description of the job and various details, such as salary, whether it's a full-time or part-time position, and the job's location. To find out more about the position and apply for it, click the job title.

Read over the job's description, duties and qualifications. If you feel that you qualify and are interested in applying for the job, click "Save job." Go back to the previous page to search for more positions. After you save each job you want to apply for, click "My account" at the top of any page.

Click "Saved jobs." Select the position you want to apply for by clicking "View" and then "Apply Online." Choose which resume you want to attach to your application from the "Resume" box. Click "Apply for this position now."

Fill out your IRS profile information. Most of the information will already appear because it transferred from your USAJobs profile. After you complete the profile section, click "Apply for this vacancy" to proceed to the application page.

Complete each application section. Once you're finished, you can view your application status by accessing to your USAJobs account.


Never rely on one resume to cover each job you apply for unless you're applying for similar positions. You want your resume to highlight what you bring to the table for that particular job. For instance, suppose you plan to apply for an information technology position and an information technology management position. You want to put considerably more emphasis on your management experience, leadership and relevant achievements for the management position.

You might need to supply the IRS with documents, such as transcripts and proof of certain eligibilities. You'll have the chance to do this in the "Documents" section of your application. There you'll see which documents the IRS needs. You can upload the documents, use already uploaded documents, or fax the documents. You can submit the application without enclosing the documents, but you must submit them prior to the closing date of the job announcement, which is stated in the job overview. To submit the documents after completing your application, go to your USAJobs account, click "Application status," and then click "Update application."