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Job Description for a Walmart Customer Service Manager

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Walmart has more than 200 million customers a week at its nearly 8,500 retail stores in 15 countries as of 2010. Wal-mart employs nearly 2.1 million people in the United States. The corporation’s success comes from a simple business model; save people money so they can live better, which began with its founder, Sam Walton.

Walmart Overview

Walton opened the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962. Gary Gereffi, professor of sociology at Duke University, explains that “Walmart’s business model is a double-edged sword; it’s the most efficient company in the history of America, but adversely the model has required American jobs moved off American soil.” Walmart operates under 55 different banners and ranked first among retailers in the Fortune magazine survey as the Most Admired Company in 2010. For fiscal year 2010, Walmart reported sales of $405 billion.

Job Description

A Walmart customer service manager is required to have an in-depth knowledge of Walmart stores and products as well as assertive leadership qualities. A manager must communicate and exercise sound judgment and organizational practices. In addition, a customer service manager is required to have experience in business or retail finance and polished interpersonal skills.

Customer service managers complete orientation and participate in a four-phase developmental program. The beginning phase introduces Walmart policies and procedures. The next phase assesses the performance and proficiency of the employee. The ending phases help employees plan their careers and use the Associate Investment Model, which allows employees to review their assessments and obtain feedback from their supervisor.


Walmart is committed to diversity and inclusion. The vice president of research at the Cato Institute, Brink Lindsey, explains that “Wal-Mart is rearranging American jobs. It's pushing some overseas. It's creating some that wouldn't have existed before.” An equal opportunity employer, Walmart requires varying experience levels for its positions; however, hiring standards require applicants to develop personally and professionally.

Training and Development

Wal-mart established the Walton Institute in 1985; the institute introduces Walmart leaders from around the world and promotes a learning environment in which leaders learn how to develop their abilities as well as their subordinates.

The Walton Institute is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, and hosts courses in Brazil, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, China, Korea and Puerto Rico.


Walmart provides customer service managers with comprehensive medical coverage, dental insurance, Resources For Living (a complimentary counseling and health information service), business travel insurance, vision programs, life and disability insurance, sick and personal time, financial guidance services and accidental death and dismemberment service.

A customer service manager has the ability to participate in a 401k plan with a company match of up to 15 percent, partake in profit sharing, a retirement account rollover and military differential pay.


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