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Job Description for a Policy Manager

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A policy manager is responsible for managing the development of policy programs—a crucial role in any organization. He also ensures that the strategic objectives of the organization are fulfilled. The policy manager also oversees the production of policy positions, as well as the organization’s campaign and advocacy work. A policy manager typically works in the health care industry or for non-profit organizations or advocacy and human rights organizations.


A policy manager usually holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Master's degree in Public Policy or Public Administration. He should also be proficient in the Microsoft Office suite, including Word formatting and graphics, PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheet programming, all of which may be necessary for the creation of business documents and the handling of policy information.

Key Competencies

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A policy manager should have good presentation skills, as well as strong planning and organizational skills. He should be able to set priorities and identify any areas that require further research. He should also have supervisory skills and be able to lead and guide a team of workers toward realizing the organization’s goals. The manager should also be able to multitask and work without supervision. The policy manager should be an effective leader and be able to take responsibility of key organizational issues; have good judgment and be able to make decisions in a timely manner; be able to set time lines and meet deadlines; have stellar problem-solving skills and be able to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis; and have superior writing skills and be able to create business documents.


A policy manager monitors and analyzes various organization trends and activities. She oversees payment, coding and coverage policies, as well as recognizes, assesses and communicates important policy issues to stakeholders. She follows up on the impact of trends and initiatives that impact the organization. A policy manager also renders policy developments into evocative strategic advice and guidance. She manages projects, identifies key issues and assists in the organization of the team's work.


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A policy manager’s salary depends on the location, industry and company she works for. A health policy manager, for instance, earns from $51,097 to $98,277 annually (as of June 2010). An education policy manager, on the other hand, earns between $58,394 and $100,495 annually. A credit loan policy manager earns between $28,506 and $38,875 annually. A policy manager is entitled to additional benefits such as medical and insurance coverage.


A policy manager can either work in the healthcare industry, for nonprofit organizations, or for advocacy and human rights organizations. He can also work in public administration and safety, retail, social assistance, and financial and insurance services. He usually works in an office setting, though on certain occasions he may be required to travel.


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