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Job Description of a Cashier for a Resume

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You don’t need a professional resume writing service to construct your resume. All you need is a strategy. The best way to construct a resume that can land you a job is to consider your responsibilities at your previous places of employment and how the skills you learned will help you succeed in a new workplace. Your resume should effectively describe each position you had and the skills you acquired while employed.


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When writing your objective, you "should clearly state what sort of a job you want, and know what kinds of skills and experiences are needed to do well in that job." Consider the most important skills you learned as a cashier that will be most beneficial to the employer who will read your resume. The most important and easily transferable skills that you learn in a cashier position are customer service skills and successful monetary exchange using a computerized operating system. These skills, and your desire to enhance them, should be stated in the objective of your resume.

Professional Skills

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Cashiers gain many skills that are determined by their work environments. The complexity and size of one business may require a cashier to learn an advanced set of skills that a cashier at a less technologically advanced or smaller business may not ever learn. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “most cashiers use scanners and computers, but some establishments still require price and product information to be entered manually.” Additionally, cashiers must usually know how to work an intercom system and perform transactions mentally or manually in the midst of a computer or register malfunction. When listing the professional skills acquired from a cashier position, consider the equipment you were required to use and the knowledge required to use it.

Summary of Qualifications

Summarizing a cashier’s qualifications that can be used on a new job involves describing how you used the professional skills you gained. Cashiers are in constant interaction with the public. List a percentage of positive customer reviews that show how you assisted in customer retention. If you were noticeably one of the quickest cashiers, state that you increased productivity. Reiterate your customer service skills and other tasks you performed as a cashier that kept the business running smoothly.

Education and Training

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List the highest level of education you completed, the name of the institution and the year of completion. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that “nearly all cashiers are trained on the job.” Highlight any on-the-job training by listing any certificates you received upon completion. If your training was done in a large classroom setting and you scored in the top percentile of your training class, consider including this information as well.


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Use descriptive words, action words and symbols throughout your resume. Symbols like percentage signs, dollar amounts and numbers break up and stand out against large blocks of text.



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