What Is the Job Description of a Property Custodian?

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Property custodians oversee the storage of supplies, materials and equipment in private and public organizations. They are usually in charge of warehouses, storage yards, tool rooms and stockrooms. The top employers of property custodians include educational institutions, government agencies and business entities.

Doing the Job

Property custodians ensure all assets are stored properly in a secure facility. At a university, for example, a custodian would be responsible for the safe custody of school supplies and stationery materials. When these items are delivered by the supplier, the custodian receives and records them into an inventory log. He then issues the items to various departments according to their requests. When stocks are running low, the property custodian provides the property officer with a list detailing the required items. For machines, tools and equipment, the custodian might perform minor maintenance such as cleaning and oiling the gear before storing it. In the event of theft, the custodian immediately reports the missing items to the property officer.

Getting There

Employers of property custodians typically hire applicants with a high school diploma and some experience in records management. Some employers, such as government agencies, often provide on-the-job training to newly hired property custodians to enhance their knowledge of internal property control policies and procedures. Property custodians need excellent organizational, problem-solving and communications skills to thrive on the job. Property custodians who earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in property management have the strongest prospects of landing a property officer’s job.