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What Is the Meaning of Custodial Services?

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Custodial services include all duties that are performed by custodians to maintain cleanliness at a particular premise. Also referred to as janitors in some settings, custodians vacuum and mop floors, empty trash containers, clean windows, sanitize bathroom fixtures and carry out any other tasks related to cleaning the inside or the outside of a particular building.

Specialized Custodial Services

Custodial services can be carried out by a single employee; however, larger businesses and organizations may require a team of custodians to ensure that the building is clean and hazard-free. In addition to basic cleaning, custodians may also provide more specialized services based on business needs. For example, some companies may recycle paper or cans, requiring the custodian to place recyclable items into a separate bin. Similarly, a hospital may require custodians to remove snow from building entrances and walkways.

Supervisory Custodial Duties

Lead custodians may also carry out basic janitorial duties along with additional responsibilities. In a supervisory role, custodian services also include stocking or ordering cleaning supplies, as well as reporting building maintenance issues to the manager. In some instances, the custodian is expected to perform minor maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs.