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Housekeeping vs. Custodial Duties

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Housekeeping and custodial duties both aim to keep spaces clean although housekeepers are more dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing linens whereas custodians are encouraged to clean floors and surface areas.

Different Organizations

Housekeepers are mostly employed at hotels and custodians take jobs at schools and business buildings.

Housekeeping Duties

Housekeepers wash bedding, carpets and floors, towels, draperies and dust furniture.

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Brought to you by Sapling

Housekeeping Considerations

Housekeepers must comply with the State Health Department, OSHA and EPA regulations.

Custodial Responsibilities

Custodians are accountable for fixing some equipment, moving furniture and using power cleaning equipment to provide deep cleanings.

Additional Custodial Obligations

Seasonal work is an additional feature of custodial duties. Custodians will remove debris and snow from sidewalks and outdoor spaces.


Although custodians do not clean linens, they must still uphold government policies such as OSHA and abide by their employing organization's cleaning regulations.

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