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Executive Housekeepers Checklist

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Executive housekeeping is responsible for directing an institutional housekeeping program, in a hotel establishment for example. This professional establishes standards and procedures for the housekeeping staff. In this position checklists are established as to what cleaning duties staff is responsible for. Once duties are completed supervisors verify and approve based on the executive housekeeping checklist. Executive housekeeping personnel are placed on a checklist and perform duties accordingly.


Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms. These duties include making beds, restocking towels, disposal of trash and cleaning bathrooms and restocking toiletries.


Housemen receive soiled linen from housekeepers and dispense fresh, clean linen for replacement in guest rooms.

Public Area Attendants

Public areas must always be clean and presentable for guests or other patrons. Public area attendants keep hallways, lobbies and lobby restrooms clean. Recreational areas, banquet and reception areas are on the checklist for operational cleaning. Public area attendants also water plants and keep plant life in healthy condition.

Laundry Room

Individuals working in the laundry room are responsible for daily separation, washing, drying, folding and distributing linen to housemen.


Supervisors over public area attendants and housekeeping inspect guest rooms and public areas for orderliness and cleanness. These supervisors are the liaisons between the executive housekeeping departments and front desks.


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