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Chambermaid Duties

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Hotel and motel chambermaids must be strong and flexible enough to stand, lift and bend all through their cleaning shift. They need a willingness to work hard, an attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills. No particular education is necessary because they usually learn how to perform their duties on the job.

Cleaning Duties

Typically working in the travel accommodation industry, chambermaids clean the rooms and public areas, including hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and sitting areas. They sanitize bathtubs, showers and toilets, sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpeting and dust furniture. Additional duties include picking up trash and emptying wastebaskets. They change sheets, make the beds and replace towels, soap and shampoo. Other supplies they replenish typically include drinking glasses, toilet paper and tissues.

Supply Management and Delivery

Keeping the storage cupboard tidy and stocked is also among the chambermaids' duties. The maids use a wheeled cart to deliver supplies to each room and take away trash and soiled linens. They track the inventory in each room so that the hotel can bill customers for items they consume, take away or damage -- for example, bar items for sale and hotel robes and linens.

Customer Service

Chambermaids with a friendly, helping attitude give customers a positive impression of the hotel. For example, chambermaids fill special requests for extra towels or more shampoo. If they find forgotten personal items after checkout, they give them to supervisors for return to the owner.

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