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Property Consultant Job Description

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Consumers who purchase commercial or residential real estate typically require the knowledge and guidance of a professional. A property consultant provides this service. A property consultant in the United States earns between $30,373 and $62,094 annually, according to PayScale, as of July 2010, .

Job Duties

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The key duty of a property consultant is to provide sound advice to potential buyers. He must present real estate properties in the best light to promote sales and offer financing advice based on each client’s needs. His job requires knowledge of local demographic and economic trends to guide his customers with integrity and build their trust.

Skill Requirements

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Communication and negotiation skills are essential for this position. Math acumen is needed to calculate down payments and interest rates as well as compare mortgage plans. Knowledge of real estate laws and their application is required.

Preferred Background

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A bachelor’s degree in real estate, business administration, accounting or a related field is a requirement for this position. Experience in leasing, property management or real estate sales is desirable. Demonstrated abilities in interpersonal communications are preferred.