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Job Description for Merchant Services

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When a small business launches, one of the owner’s major considerations is customer payment options. Banks employ merchant services representatives who provide payment plans and equipment to meet these needs. According to, a merchant services representative working in the United States in 2009 earned a median annual salary of $31,989.

Job Duties

The main job duty is the recommendation of payment options based on projections of the volume and monetary amount of daily transactions and the demographic being served. Cross-selling other banking products is required. A merchant services representative trains new customers and their staffs on payment processing methods and equipment use.

Skill Requirements

Good sales and marketing skills are requirements for this job. Interpersonal communication abilities help the representative clearly explain products and services. Customer service talents build and maintain strong client relationships.

Preferred Background

A high school diploma or equivalent is required and a significant number of employers prefer a bachelor’s or associate degree in a business-related field. At least two years experience in the sales and marketing of financial products is preferred. A background in customer service is a plus.


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