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Bank Account Manager Duties

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A bank account manager is usually the first person a new customer comes in contact with at a bank branch. Sometimes an account manager is referred to as an account representative. An account manager has many duties, including customer service and sales functions. Although a lot of banking is done through ATMs and the Internet, the bank account manager still serves an important role in the banking industry.

Meet with Prospective Customers

A bank account manager meets with prospective customers to discuss their banking needs and recommend types of accounts that would be appropriate. If a customer decides to open an account, the bank account manager works with him to set up the account.

Answer Questions

If a customer has a question or a problem with an account, the account manager answers the question or attempts to resolve the problem. A bank account manager acts as a customer's point of contact in a bank branch.

Sell New Products

Bank account managers often sell new banking products to existing customers. An account manager periodically reviews his client list and determines if they might benefit from additional services the bank offers. An account manager also refers his clients to other departments of the bank, such as the financial planning department or the mortgage department.


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