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Bank Manager Job Description

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A bank manager is the person in charge of the financial operations of a bank, as well as of the employees who provide customer service in banking or lending transactions. He monitors transactions for accuracy and professionalism. In the interest of customer satisfaction and retention, he maintains a welcoming and efficient environment.


A person in this position at a small venue may be in charge of all banking departments. In larger banks with multiple locations, there's typically a branch manager for each local office. If the main bank or branch is a large operation, there are typically managers for individual departments, such as loan, mortgage, investment, checking and savings departments.


In addition to training and supervising employees and guaranteeing exceptional customer service, a bank manager prepares reports and summaries that reflect the bank’s activities regarding new loans and mortgages, default activity, new account activity and returns on the bank’s investments. This data is distributed to upper management, as well as to the bank’s board of directors and investors. The manager is frequently called upon by subordinates to address customer service issues or to assist in the expedition of loan or mortgage applications.

Working Conditions

A bank manager spends much of her time at her desk doing paperwork and working on her computer. She may occasionally walk through the back offices, teller and lobby areas to interact with personnel and customers. Although she may work at the bank less than the traditional 40 hours a week, she frequently takes work home that she completes in the evenings or on weekends. The dress code for banks is traditionally professional, and the overall atmosphere is usually friendly and helpful.

Educational Requirements

Applicants for bank management or management trainee programs need to have a college education. Suggested areas of concentration include math, accounting, finance or business administration. The level of college education requirements varies by bank. Most banks offer management training programs to prospective managers to familiarize them with various bank departments and their operations.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities

According to, the median annual income for a bank manager in 2009 was $137,163, depending on the size of the bank, its holdings and the economic conditions in the region in which the bank was located. Chances of advancement are also highly dependent upon these factors. Lower-level bank managers often enroll in advanced finance and banking courses to increase their chances for promotion.


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