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What are the Requirements to Become a Leasing Agent in Florida?

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To become a leasing agent in Florida, you do not need to hold specific licensing or certification. You should understand simple business math and have a basic understanding of how leases work, however. With those basic qualifications, your success as a leasing agent will ultimately rest on your ability to act as a trusted service provider to potential tenants.


There are no formal education requirements to become a leasing agent in Florida. While some employers may prefer that you hold a high school diploma and possess basic computer skills, an ability to lease apartments, provide excellent customer service and handle administrative functions are the main skills needed as a leasing agent.


According to Entrepreneur.com, an important requirement to become a leasing agent in Florida is your ability to build relationships with key participants. Generally, the most important skill that will determine your success as a leasing agent is your ability to provide appealing property tours and secure clients who wish to lease a product or property.

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Many leasing agents in Florida operate their own entrepreneurial ventures. Others work for real estate companies, apartment communities or property management companies. Working for a company is a good way to gain experience before opening your own business.

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