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How to Become a Repo Man in Ohio

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Being a repo man is a tough job, but in a bad economy, it is a job usually in high demand. Repo men reclaim property bought on credit or via loan from owners who are in default. Usually it is cars and boats they must repossess through peaceful means and return to the seller. Becoming a repo man isn't hard in a state like Ohio, which requires no special licensing. However, you will still need to become familiar with the tools of the repossession trade.

Become familiar with the tools of the repo trade. Essential are such tools as slim jims and auto jiggler keys that will enable you to gain access to vehicles without causing damage. Often, repo men essentially "steal" cars to return them to the loan company. This means you will also need to know how to work a tow truck and drive it legally.

Acquire all proper licenses and paperwork. Only California, Louisiana and Florida require that repo men acquire licensure, but you still need a CDL to drive a tow truck. It's also important to have a clean driving record to show you can do the job safely. If you intend on carrying a firearm for personal safety, you will also need a firearms permit.

Apply for a job with a repossession company. To have your own repossession business requires business licenses and bonds; but if you are merely an employee for a repossession business, you will spare yourself all that red tape.


No special educational requirement is required for repo men, but some detective skills may be necessary to find the property you seek.