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How to Become a Repo Man in New Jersey

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A "repo man," an authorized asset recovery agent, is usually employed by a towing or salvage company in order to repossess property that is in severe default. Authorized repossession companies are hired by banks in order to claim property that has been taken by the bank in the event of asset seizure. Many states have particular certifications or licenses that are required to take a job as a repo man, but the state of New Jersey is flexible about these requirements.

Obtain your commercial driver's license, which allows you to operate vehicles like tow trucks. The only requirement for obtaining this is passing the requisite written and driving tests and having a clean driving record otherwise.

Supplement your license with formal technical education in a certified asset recovery specialist program, available at technical and community colleges. Obtaining this certification isn't necessary in order to become a repo man, but formal education and certification helps in your prospective career as it will distinguish you from others in your field.

Apply to tow and salvage companies that have perform repossession services. Repossession companies have to be licensed by the state because they are hired by banks to reclaim cars from owners whose accounts are in default. Employees are investigated by their employers, so they require no such license.


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