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How to Become a Repo Man in VA

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Being a repo man isn't easy. The job requires stamina and self-control. Debtors don't want to lose their possessions and are often furious and hysterical, even threatening. Repossessions are contracted at all hours of the day and night, and investigative work needs to be done in some cases to track the debtors and the collateral down.

"To start, get a job working for a reputable repossession agency," advises Becoming familiar with the rules and legality of being a repo man is very important. Repossessions in Virginia are legal as long as they are peaceful. Pursue legal action if the situation becomes volatile.

Learn how to handle debtors. Understand the warning signs of things going wrong, of a debtor lying to you and matters becoming potentially threatening. Learn how to control your own temper and make wise decisions.

Become familiar with towing techniques, unlocking different types of cars and unhooking transmissions. Improperly towing a vehicle can lead to the vehicle becoming damaged and someone getting hurt.

Apply for a business license when you're ready to branch out on your own. Contact the Virginia Business Information Center at 866-248-8814 for information on county and state licensure, or go online to the Virginia Department of Business Assistance (see Resources below).


Never break into a space to repossess a vehicle or boat. If the vehicle is garaged, wait until the debtor has it out in the open to make a move. Always maintain peace. If the situation becomes hostile, leave.