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How to Become a Repo Man in NYC

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When you get a loan to buy something, whether it's a car, a boat or some other item, you're expected to pay back that loan to the bank or company you borrowed from. When you fail to do this, you default on the loan. If you default and an arrangement can't be worked out, the company may send out a repossession agent--or repo man-- to reclaim the property. In New York City, becoming a repossession agent is a relatively simple process.

Get your New York state commercial driver's license (CDL). You must pass a written exam regarding the rules of the road and a driving test in a commercial vehicle. You also have to pay a $10 fee. If you also have a clean driving record you now have everything required to apply to be a repo man in New York City. All skills required for repossessing vehicles such as using a tow truck and securing property will be taught to you on the job.

Apply for a job with repossession companies based in New York City. In New York state you don't need to be licensed to work as a repo man. If you don't have a clean driving record and a CDL, though, most agencies won't hire you.

Complete training once you get a job as a repossession agent. Each company in New York City is responsible for training their repo men and that training has to meet state and local standards for repossession. This is where you will learn the ins and outs of the repossession field, including how to secure vehicles and use various hand tools to "break in" to property you're going to repossess. You will also be taught all legal procedures you need to follow, such as informing the police before you repossess someone's property.


Being a repo man can at times be a dangerous career. It's important that you be aware that angry people could get violent, and that you have the necessary skills to diffuse tension before the situation escalates to that point.