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How to Become a Repo Man in Oregon

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If you want a part-time job that offers extra cash--or a full-time career change--consider working as a repossession agent in Oregon. Repossession agents, better known as "repo men," reclaim cars, boats and other vehicles from people who have fallen behind on their payment to a creditor. Although there are no licensing requirements or classes, you can take an online class in auto repossession to learn industry techniques and marketing.

Sign up for an online training course in auto repossession (see Resources). As of April 2010, Oregon offers no repossession agent training classes. If you're unwilling to do an online class, you can complete a basic training at a personal investigator school in Oregon or learn as much as you can through books on repossession.

Complete the online course to learn how to trace titles, search for people and lawfully and peacefully take repossession of a car.

Approach local Oregon repossession agencies using the directory at Quick Repo (see Resources). Call these agencies and ask to work part-time a repossession agent. This will allow you to practice your repossession skills.

Work for a local company as a repo man. Perform office work, such as billing and filing, communicating with clients and tracing titles. Complete the Oregon Vehicle Repossession Certificate, which is required by state law, and have your client (the creditor) sign the form. Attach a copy of the title.

Ride along with other agents and observe repossessions, then complete your own repossession. Return the Vehicle Repossession Certificate to the Department of Motor Vehicles when you've completed the repossession.

Continue working for the repossession agency until you feel you have enough experience in performing repossessions and corresponding with clients to begin working on your own.

Approach local banks, car dealerships, used car lots and other parties and advertise your services as a repo man. Prepare a direct marketing letter that advertises your services or make an in-person sales call. Continue to market your services until you've obtained a client. According to, repo men need only five to six clients to have sufficient work.


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Car driver sitting in his new car image by George Dolgikh from