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Storeman Duties

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A storeman is essential to any business that holds stock or large quantities of equipment. The actual duties assigned differ between companies, but in general, it is the role of the storeman to be responsible for managing all functions of stock and equipment. They ensure that stock levels do not run out. They also track inventory spending, as well as keeping records of where the inventory and stock are going. .

Planning and Organizing Stock and Inventory

One of the main duties that a storeman is responsible for is keeping track of what is available in inventory. The storeman must monitor current stock levels to decide if more should be ordered, as well as organizing existing inventory, so it is easily and safely accessible.

Controlling Costs and Spending

It is the duty of the storeman to find the least expensive source for the inventory and to keep an accurate record of spending. Along with this, the storeman is responsible for monitoring where the inventory is going, along with how much each department is spending. To do this, the storeman will make an invoice for the department that is signed upon delivery of the stock. Each company has its own method of recording these details. Some companies may prefer to have one handwritten central book, while other companies have the data stored in an electronic database. The storeman is responsible for helping to develop the most efficient system.

Accepting Deliveries and Shipping Goods

The storeman is responsible for accepting all deliveries of stock. This includes ensuring that they are not damaged and that everything ordered is present and accounted for. He is also responsible for organizing the dispatch of finished goods and products. He ensures that the product is suitably packaged and that the delivery service used meets delivery time constraints.

Safety and Security

Another aspect of the storeman’s job is ensuring the safety and security of the stock. This takes the form of ensuring that there are adequate security systems in place, including guards, cameras, and alarm systems.He must also enforce health and safety rules and train staff on proper practice within the storeroom, as well as emergency procedures.


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