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Warehouse Manager Job Description

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Warehouse managers provide vital services in the distribution of goods. As companies have gotten larger, some growing into international operations, warehouse managers have become increasingly crucial for overall profitability. Warehouse management can also lead to a career as a production executive.


Warehouse managers oversee inventory and coordinate the shipping and receiving functions. Working together with contracted transporters or company-owned trucks, the warehouse manager makes sure that products move efficiently from storage to the point of sale.


Because of the automation of warehousing, managers must be familiar with electronic inventory control systems, as well as being able to supervise workers responsible for sorting, organizing, and packing products.


In addition to general supervisory responsibilities, a warehouse manager may have duties including accounting and record keeping; he must have knowledge of safety and security procedures.


Warehouse managers often work for retail chains; the warehouse manager may coordinate both company-produced items and products that are purchased from other suppliers. Warehousing is also usually needed by any company that makes a physical product.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehouse and storage managers earned an average annual salary of $91,220 as of 2013.


Warehouse managers are part of what companies call the "supply chain," which includes not only inventory but also information technology systems. Because the job involves process efficiency, warehouse management can be an effective starting point for a retail or production consulting career.


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