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Job Description of a Food & Beverage Inventory Controller

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A food and beverage inventory controller works for a food services company, such as a restaurant or catering service, and monitors cost and quality of food and beverage deliveries. She communicates with chefs and managers who oversee food service processes. A bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience, as well as the ability to use basic software, such as Microsoft Office, is usually expected of applicants. Inventory controllers are trained to use specific software on the job.

Manage Deliveries and Usage

Food and beverage inventory controllers are responsible for overseeing deliveries of items by suppliers. They regularly check orders to ensure that they are getting what they have requested and that the company is being charged properly. Likewise, inventory controllers ensure that orders are fulfilling company needs. By performing inventory audits, inventory controllers can make sure that food is not being wasted and that they have enough products to meet needs of menus. They also meet with chefs to discuss portion control.

Prepare Analysis and Reports

Food and beverage inventory controllers meet periodically with management to present analyses and reports regarding inventory. Inventory controllers use office software to track the amount of foods and beverages ordered and amounts used, as well as cost, and show management where money can be saved. In cases where management expects ongoing improvement of processes, inventory controllers work with project managers to implement new processes and record progress. It's also common for an inventory controller to provide finance reports to a financial controller or manager.

Supervise Inventory Employees

It's common for a food and beverage inventory controller to have a supervisory role as well. For example, a controller might be responsible for overseeing the performances of bay receiving employees who unload deliveries and verify accuracy of orders. It's also important that inventory controllers ensure that their employees are using best practices for safety. This might include administering safety training for lifting, using machinery and other relevant activities. It's up to inventory controllers to ensure that employees are adhering to internal and external policies and regulations regarding food handling.

Use Software to Manage Inventory

Food and beverage inventory controllers must use software to ensure there is a functional docket control system. When controllers have multiple warehouse locations for which they're responsible, they should be able to use an interface that allows them to look up inventory numbers remotely and even request that items are transported from one location to another. They should also use software to track deliveries and packing receipts -- this way they can plan ahead.


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