What Is an Inventory Control Analyst?

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Inventory control management is the portion of the business that decides how much to invest in the inventory by maintaining stock levels. Inventory control is important so that the company doesn’t have too much money in inventory sitting in a warehouse.

Cycle Counts

An inventory control analyst is responsible for all cycle counts and physical inventories that need to be completed.


An inventory control analyst puts together daily, weekly and monthly reports as required by her manager. The analyst knows which items are backordered and is able to communicate that to necessary parties.

Maintaining Inventory Condition

Inventory control analysts are responsible for the condition of both the inventory and the warehouse. The inventory needs to be organized and free from any potential damaging situations.

Resolving Discrepancies

An inventory control analyst locates, analyzes and reconciles any inventory discrepancies. He navigates the inventory software to deduce where the issue occurred.


An inventory control analyst uses her knowledge of the inventory levels to put together orders for replenishment. She understands her inventory’s lead time so that the company doesn’t run out of stock before the replenishment arrives.