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Customer Service Analyst Job Description

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Customer service analysts are often responsible for analyzing the operations of a customer service department. They do not have supervisory or budgeting responsibilities.

Project Management

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The analyst performs the "hands-on" work of completing projects that increase operational efficiencies in customer service. He works with the subject matter experts (SMEs), information technology (IT), finance and other departments within the company.


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An analyst generates reports that highlight a department's performance against its goals.


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The analyst reports that highlight performance must be translated into everyday language. He must be able to explain what happened and provide recommendations for improvements.

Process Improvement

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The customer service analyst is a process-improvement champion in the department. He suggests projects that can be completed and has expert knowledge on process improvement methodologies.


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The customer service analyst maintains the operational policies and procedures of the customer service department. He also creates and updates process flowcharts for reference and training purposes.


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