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What Is the Salary Range for a Phlebotomy Technician?

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Phlebotomists are specially trained to draw blood from patients for medical testing or donation. They may also perform lab work, record patient vital signs, manage medical records and assist with patient examinations. Phlebotomy technicians work in a variety of medical settings, including diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, blood banks and physician's offices. Phlebotomists typically obtain an associate’s degree with a clinical training component and must pass a certification exam before starting work.

Average Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports for May 2010 an hourly wage range of $12.30 to $31.04 and an annual salary range of $25,590 to $64,560 for phlebotomy technicians. The Online Occupational Network reports a median hourly wage of $17.32 and a median annual salary of $36,030, at the time of publication, while the BLS reports an average hourly wage of $20.31 and an average annual salary of $42,240. The salary of phlebotomy technicians may be influenced by location, employer or experience.

Variation by State

The BLS reports that Tennessee, Connecticut and Vermont are the highest-paying states for phlebotomists, with an average annual salary range of $52,160 to $56,810. Wyoming and Utah are among the lowest-paying states, with average annual salaries of $26,800 and $28,400, respectively.

Variation by Employer

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Medical and surgical hospitals have the highest level of employment for phlebotomy technicians, with an average annual salary of $42,900; however, the highest-paying jobs are located in psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals, which offer an average annual salary of $59,070. State and federal employers also offer a top annual salary range of $53,900 to $56,060. A phlebotomist with advanced training and experience or additional certification may be eligible for supervisory positions.The Phlebotomy Technician Headquarters reports that a management position may increase the median salary by up to $8,000.

Employment Outlook

The BLS projects rapid job growth and excellent job opportunities for phlebotomy technicians. The number of job openings is expected to exceed the number of phlebotomists seeking employment at the time of publication through to 2018. Most job openings will be in hospitals, but employment is also predicted to grow rapidly in physician's offices and diagnostic laboratories.



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