What Happens at a Job Fair?

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For the Employer

Job fairs can be an invaluable recruitment tool for employers in the market for new talent. They provide the opportunity to advertise your organization to a large number of potential candidates, often to newly employable candidates such as recent college graduates, at one time, and in one setting. Maximizing exposure at minimal expense and time is the name of the game. Employers set up a display loaded with items promoting their company to entice job seekers to visit their table in hopes of making a connection with their next brightest star. Armed with job postings, applications and human resource personnel at the ready, employers can reach out to new recruits, make connections and reach their goal of filling vacancies.

For the Job Seeker

Job fairs offer job seekers the chance to interview with several organizations in one day and conveniently, at one location. The ability to network yourself to a targeted pool of employers can significantly improve your chances of landing a job in the area in which you want to work. What used to take several weeks of job hunting and setting up appointments at multiple companies can now be accomplished in one productive day. Job fairs allow job seekers to reach a number of potential employers directly, ensuring that their applications and resumes actually get to the appropriate hiring personnel. They may also get the opportunity to speak with potential employers so proper preparation, attire and speech is necessary to ensure a successful first impression.

A Win-Win Situation

Job fairs have become an increasingly popular way for employers and job seekers to connect. They are typically focused on a particular profession, organization, or geographical area, and they can be limited by who can attend. Some are open to the public and some open only to members of a certain organization or students from a particular college. Attendees can be pre-screened for employers to take full advantage of a pool of candidates who are specifically looking for employment and who meet their criteria. They offer a forum where employers can advertise, look for talent and check out the competition and where job seekers can take advantage of getting themselves noticed by a number of employers. It’s a win-win situation; job seekers find opportunities and employers find new talent.