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How to Write Ads for Career Fairs

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While many job seekers use the Internet, professional business connections, recruiters and local newspapers to find jobs, they still flock to career fairs in record numbers to meet face-to-face with potential employers. Because of that, career fairs are popping up in abundance and coordinators must work hard to ensure that their career fairs are highly attended. To achieve this, coordinators have to write advertisements that stand out, provide adequate information and pique the interests of job seekers.

Determine your target audience. Some job fairs feature a wide variety of employers from diverse industries, while others are industry specific, focusing on fields such as sales and marketing, finance, education and engineering. Sometimes, career fairs are designed solely for students seeking internship opportunities. Understanding your target market plays a big role in the language you use on your career fair advertisement.

Make a list of key details to include in your advertisement, such as the name of the career fair, the host, the location, date, time and how to register. Include a web address, if applicable, and a phone number or email address people can use if they have questions. Make a list of key employers scheduled to attend the event.

Think about where and how your advertisement will appear, because both factors determine the word count of your advertisement. A full-page magazine advertisement will provide you with more space than a skyscraper advertisement on a website. Regardless of the advertisement type, follow a similar formula for presenting your career fair information, but modify your word count accordingly.

Come up with a headline that represents the overall theme of your career fair. Remember, common reasons for attending career fairs, beyond merely looking for a job, include seeking career advancement, higher salary and better benefits, changing industries and seeking employment closer to home. Use encouraging words in your headline that evoke the ideas of change, upward mobility, new opportunities and success.

After your headline, include a sentence that directly invites job seekers to attend your event. Include two or three sentences that speak to the benefits of attending your career fair. Take some time to play up the number of employers attending and give details on the industries and companies that will be represented. If you held a job fair in the past, you may want to report how many people attended and how many of them ended up landing a job with one of the companies in attendance.

Provide details about the event and how to register. Close the advertisement by extending one last invitation to potential attendees. Remind them to register and call if they have any additional questions regarding the career fair.


Miranda Brookins is a marketing professional who has over seven years of experience in copywriting, direct-response and Web marketing, publications management and business communications. She has a bachelor's degree in business and marketing from Towson University and is working on a master's degree in publications design at University of Baltimore.

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