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How to Get Employers to Attend a Job Fair

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Job fairs are forums where employer organizations and job seekers meet to interact and exchange information that could potentially lead to employment. Job seekers attend with their resumes and supporting documents to meet employers and inquire about available opportunities in their organizations. Employers attend to enhance the visibility of their organizations and to meet potential new employees whom they either invite for interviews or in rare instances employ immediately. Organizers of job fairs need to make it worthwhile for employers to attend and set up booths to meet the various job seekers.

Proper Organization

A job fair that is properly organized and executed attracts employers. Organizers need to plan in advance for the number of employers that are expected to attend and to set out adequate space where they can set up their booths and signage. Job fair organizers may also obtain a list of available opportunities from employers and restrict admission for job seekers to those that are properly dressed and qualified for the position. The restriction would make it easier for employers to narrow down potential candidates.

High Visibility

Employers attend job fairs to gain name recognition and to develop a data bank of applications for future hiring needs of the organization, so organizers need to put together a highly visible event. Job fair organizers need to market the event fully to ensure that it reaches a wide audience of talented job seekers. The organizers could also use the participation of other recognizable employer organizations and past successful fairs as a selling point to potential participants. A highly visible and successful job fair raises the market profile of participating employers.

Value Proposition

One of the ways to enhance the attendance of employer organizations in job fairs is to increase the value proposition. The organizers could offer a discount to the first few employer organizations to register. They could also organize for food and refreshments for participating employers for the dual purpose of meeting their needs while giving them a reason to attend future events. An organizer could also charge differential rates depending on the location of the employer organization’s booth as a way to offer value for money.

Strategic Partnerships

Organizers can partner with strategic entities such as schools, colleges and the media to generate interest for the job fair. Employers are more likely to attend a job fair that is linked to a prestigious school or college because the candidates are intelligent, qualified and properly trained. Employer organizations are also interested in attending fairs that are in the limelight since they offer free publicity and marketing for the company.


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