How Do I Take the HVAC Certification Test?

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are an important substratum of mechanical engineering. In order to become an HVAC technician, you must usually pass a certification course. However, by following certain steps you can become certified easily and quickly.


Training and study can be obtained from technical schools, universities and even online. Accredited training should be sought as the best course of study to prepare for HVAC certification. Preparation that is facilitated by a personal mentor often ensures success on the test, as he will be able to guide and evaluate the technical competency of an individual. Even accredited online training courses can provide a comprehensive course of study and pretesting materials that will allow a person to study at his own pace and test his competency. Study guides are available at online bookstores that cover most of the material found in any HVAC Certification Exam.

Decide Which Test to Take

Certifications are not determined uniformly by one organization, so determining which test to take in order to receive an HVAC license is a question you must answer before beginning preparation. All areas of the industry promote and value certified status in a technician, because such status demonstrates that an individual has mastered all aspects of an HVAC technician’s duties. NATE, the North American Technician Excellence board, is a nationally known organization that promotes certain types of testing and training. A program recognized by NATE as “recognized training” is usually the best course for a technician to pursue. Many universities and online organizations offer tests that carry this status, which should be sought out as a standard that the industry values.

Taking the Test

Testing is often offered by the organization through which an individual completes his course of study. You must make certain that the certification you seek is acceptable in your state of residence--some states use a relatively standard exam but require that it be administered by a state electrical board or a regulations commission. In states where such rules and regulations do apply, nearly any licensing or certification may be sought (but preferred requirements in your locality should be discussed with a professional). As NATE has become an industry standard, taking the NATE test for qualification or as an additional license is often satisfactory to most employers. Certification exams may be administered online or at a local venue.


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