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How to Become a Certified Oil Changer

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Whether you have dreams of working for a large automotive company or striking out on your own to start your own oil change and service center, certification in an automotive service discipline will help you achieve your goals. Certification is available in a variety of automotive specialties, including automotive and light truck and collision repair. In addition to the basic certification requirements, the profession requires continual education and training to keep up with changing technology and innovations.

Seek appropriate educational opportunities to prepare you for success in the field. Participate in a high school vocational program focused on automotive service. Participate in post-secondary automotive training if you completed a traditional high school program or earned your GED. Look for local trade or technical schools near you for possible automotive service education programs. Other options include participating in dealer-sponsored or corporate-sponsored educational programs for those looking to enter the profession.

Gain necessary experience. Find employment and complete any on-the-job training offered by your employer. Registration for all Automotive Service Excellence certification exams requires either two years of on-the-job training or an appropriate combination of education and experience. The ASE certification represents an industry standard for those seeking certification to become automotive service technicians.

Register to take your automotive service certification examination. Choose to take either the written version of the test or the computer-based version. Options include registering with ASE online, over the phone and by mail. Include necessary registration and testing fees.

Keep an eye on certification expiration. Take re-certification exams when necessary. ASE certification is good for five years. Pay special attention to changes in the field of automotive service and oil changes to help you get ready for the re-certification exam.


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