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Job Description for a Lube Technician

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A lube technician is in charge of ensuring that a vehicle works properly.The job description of a lube technician can be as simple as carrying out routine maintenance on vehicles and making oil changes or as complex as greasing bearings and servicing other aspects and parts of the vehicle. This includes the windscreen, air filters, tires and engine coolant. It all depends on one’s location and job description.

Education and Training

A high school diploma is the minimum requirement for a lube technician job. It is not a must to have post-high school qualifications since this is a hands-on job. Most employers prefer to hire candidates who have at least one or two years experience. Get a diploma, an associate degree or bachelor's in engineering-related fields, or attend a vocational school as an added advantage as you look for a job. A valid driver’s license is also a plus.

Responsibilities and Duties

A lube technician is responsible for servicing vehicles for clients. He performs oil checks and oil changes in automotive vehicles. He is responsible for changing oil transmission fluids and maintaining vehicle standards. He maintains dealership records and provides information to clients apart from making recommendations about their vehicles. He performs routine checks and maintenance of all vehicles, including checking tire pressures and fluid levels. He greases bearings, examines repairs and overhauls the brake systems. He uses various electronic tools to locate and correct malfunctioned areas in the vehicle such as the ignition, brake shoes and wheel bearings. A lube technician tunes automobile engines for efficient functioning and repairs and maintains various service components such as air conditioners, carburetors and condensers. He also removes and replaces automobile leaf springs, tail pipes and mufflers.


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The income for lube technicians ranges from $36,000 to $49,999 per year, according to Virginia Career View. On average, a lube technician earns $37,540 per year. This depends on location, state and organization.

Job Outlook

The job prospects for lube technicians is set to increase by 5 percent by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job prospects are best for those with post-high school education. Job prospects will also increase due to the need to replace lube technicians who are retiring.

Desirable Skills

A lube technician must understand and follows manufacturer’s directives. He should be an active learner who's able to comprehend and apply new information constantly while paying attention to detail and working in a fast-paced environment. He must think critically, diagnose problems and carry out repairs. He should be socially perceptive and have good time management skills.


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