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How to Become a iPhone & iPod Technician

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Becoming a certified technician for Apple products like the iPhone and the iPod is a worthwhile opportunity for the technologically savvy, affording plenty of clients in need of solutions. As more people buy or upgrade their smartphones or mp3 players, more and more of them will need help from IT professionals in operating, troubleshooting, and repairing these devices. To become a technician for Apple's line of products requires special training and certification through Apple.

Apple Service Certification

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Purchase AppleCare Technician Training, available through the Apple website. This package includes training materials, diagnostic tools, and knowledge from Apple's technical library. Your purchase grants you online access to these materials for one year.

As of November 2010, the Technician Training package costs $299.00.

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Study the materials provided. The program goes at your own pace. The curriculum includes topics as general computer terminology, Apple-specific computer architectures and Mac troubleshooting, and covers all Apple products and technologies, including both the iPhone and iPod. The course will prepare you to take the Apple Service Examination to receive certification as an AppleCare Technician.

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Apply for an Apple Tech ID number. You'll need one to register for the Apple Macintosh Service Exams, which you must take to become a technician for any Apple product. First, receive an Apple Tech ID number by filling out a form at the Apple Certification website. Once you have the number, register for both the Apple Macintosh Service Exam and the Mac Os Troubleshooting exam for the latest version of the Mac operating system. Register by phone, or online through the Prometric testing center website.

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Take and pass both Service Exams at your nearest testing center to receive certification. Once you have taken the exam, you'll be able to use your Apple Tech ID to track and manage your Apple Certifications. However, Apple states that completing these exams and obtaining certification only verifies your skills and knowledge of products such as the iPhone and the iPad. It does not authorize you to perform repairs.

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Apply for a position as a technician for iPhone and iPod repair either through an Apple store, or an electronics store or business that is an Apple-authorized service provider. Once you work for either Apple or an authorized service provider, you will be authorized to perform repairs on Apple products like the iPhone and iPod. Apple's website offers a store locator for both Apple stores and the stores of Apple-authorized service providers.